The number of Registered Challenged Children who need support in Japan


Percentage of children with possible developmental disorders, according to MEXT


The number of education options available for Challenged Children in Japan


The costs for educating Challenged Children in comparison to mainstream schools

All Children Have Potential

Unleash Potential is a non-profit organization in Japan that exists to create a world where the lives of Challenged Children are no longer marginalized and their full potential can be realized. We’re fostering a network of social, community, and financial support and invite you to get involved!

Tomo No Kai

Unleash Potential is led entirely by passionate, dedicated volunteers. From our Board of Directors to our interns, we are a team committed to doing all we can to unleash the potential of Challenged Children in Japan.

If you share this drive, join our “Circle of Friends” as a volunteer with Unleash Potential! We always welcome the opportunity to work alongside those who believe in our mission.

Support Our Cause

Unleash Potential works closely with our partner, YMCA International Japan, to support events, programs, and other resources that assist Challenged Children in living their lives to the fullest.

Without your support, it wouldn’t be possible! Whether you’re able to donate ¥1,000 or ¥100,000, your thoughtful contribution will be put to the best possible use.