NPO Unleash Potential (UP) elected the new board chairperson and the vice-chairperson during the Annual General Meeting held on the 19th of April that is effectively immediately.

The new chairperson, Hitomi Sakamaki and the vice-chairperson, Paul Savarese received entire board members to support the decision.

Hitomi Sakamaki has been on the UP Board over the last six years and has played a critical role to organize and implement numerous fund-raising and networking events.

Paul Savarese has joined Hitomi and helped raise over 3,000,000yen to support the cause.

NPO UP has over 65 years of history in Japan which mission is to “Empower All Children to Unleash Their Potential” with the focus on Challenged Children.

UP has a long-term partnership with the YMCA International Japan which has over 100 years of supporting various communities including Challenged Children.

Kohei Taguchi, the executive director of the YMCA International, commented, “UP and YMCA are trusted partners supporting Challenged Children Program (CCP) together over decades in Japan. We are pleased to work with the new leadership, Hitomi and Paul, to continue strengthen our program including fund-raising and education on Challenged Children.”

The new chairperson, Hitomi Sakamaki, commented; “We are all honored to continue supporting the cause and I look forward to expanding partnership with other organizations as well as individual supporters.”

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